The 601 Club

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Creating opportunities for fortuitous meetings

“Un-networking” at its finest.

An exclusive club of entrepreneurs and professionals in technology who are generous, curious, and creative with a sincere interest in helping others.

When there are no expectations or agendas, magic happens.



"Connection is why we're here; it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." - Brene Brown. 

The 601 Club is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of diverse yet like-minded individuals, coming together by shared values and a collective pursuit of growth.

We are committed to creating an environment where meaningful connections flourish, networks converge, and unprecedented opportunities emerge.

The 601 Club membership is by invitation only.  Our aim is to assist our members in reaching their highest personal and professional potential through the power of a generous community.

The Club also hosts exclusive events organized around a company, individuals, or a specific theme of interest to a narrower audience of members and invited guests.

No transactional interactions permitted. No selling, pitching, or promoting your company, products or services. Members and invited guests can, of course, share who they are and what they do or what they’re working on. However, if the conversation dives deeper into business, we suggest you schedule a time outside of 601 events to follow up.

Our common ground is a sincere and authentic interest in helping others. We gather to have fun and get to know people on a personal, social, and professional level. When there are no expectations or agenda — magic happens.


Weekly gatherings, special events, and member directory. 

If your interests align and share our values, you are welcome to join one of our gatherings. Request an invitation from one of our members and read our
Code of Conduct

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